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Changing The “Norm” In Your Life

by Benjamin Broyles

Changing The “Norm” In Your Life

II Kings 18:1-8

We all have things, little details, in our life that we think of as normal, but that if we actually analyze we will see that they are sinful. It might be following sports to closely, spending to much time on social media, forgetting to have your time with God, interrupting others, not paying attention to your spouse or children, etc. You fill in the blank. How do we change these things in our life that are ‘normal’ but are bogging us down spiritually?

There is a great example of this “changing the norm” in the life of King Hezekiah that we find in II Kings 18:1-8. Here are some points that I believe will help us in “Changing the Norm”.

We see in verses 3-4 that Hezekiah did NOT follow in his fathers footsteps. His father was an evil man, but Hezekiah still did what was right. It does not matter your background or past, you can still do what is right for God today!

First of all he Removed high places. He took away those places where they worshipped other gods. He made it difficult to sin. We need to make it difficult to do those things which are wrong or taking up to much of our time. Make it hard. Remove that App if need be.

Secondly, he Broke the images. I am reminded of a man I knew that when he got saved, he not only took down the idols he used to pray to, but he broke them before throwing them away. No turning back. Cut away that cancer. Sometimes it is painful, but it needs to be done.

And lastly in verse 5 we see that Hezekiah Trusted in God. How did he trust in God with all his heart? We see that he did it in these three ways:

1. Cleave.

Cleaving is totally committing yourself to that one person. No looking back. Holding on for dear life. And God gave us eternal life in Jesus Christ. He is the one we need to hold onto with everything that we have. John 14:6

2. Follow.

Have you ever followed someone through heavy traffic? I have, and it requires a constant observation of the one you are following. So it is with our Lord. We need to follow Him with a constant observation of what He desires for us to do. Deuteronomy 13:4

3. Keep.

Obedience. Fathers want their children to obey, not because they are dictators, but because they truly know what is best for them. Our heavenly Father truly knows what is best for us and desires for us to obey Him. That is what our Savior desires! John 14:15.

And because Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, God prospered his way. Look at verse 7 how God came right alongside Hezekiah and prospered all that he did.

Rebel against the Devil! Don’t let him have any space in your life! Smite (Verse 8) those pesky habits that inhibit you from fully giving your all to God!

With God you CAN change the “norm” in your life, and God will be with you through it all!

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